Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Manado’s Por­ridge .....( TINUTUAN)

Manado’s Por­ridge , Man­ado is not only famous of beau­ti­ful girls, but also the spe­cial food that will not be dis­ap­point­ing who eat it. If you don’t believe, just try Manado’s por­ridge. It is Indone­sian spe­cial food that comes from Man­ado, Sulawesi Utara. It is also called Tin­u­tuan. The town is called Tin­u­tuan too on account of the porridge’s popularity.

Tin­u­tuan means “assorted” , Because it is made from many kinds of ingre­di­ents and veg­eta­bles. It becomes healthy food because of con­tain­ing much nutri­ents and fibers that’s good for absorp­tion and health. It can be served as break­fast meal. It will be more deli­cious when it is enjoyed with fried salty jam­bal fish, tofu, fer­mented soy bean cake, and sam­bal terasi.


500 g rice, washed and drained
4 tsp salt
2 corns get the corn’s seed
100 g young melinjo’s leaves
100 g spinach, washed cleanly
100 g kangkung (leafy veg­etable), washed cleanly
200 g sweet potato, cut
300 g pump­kin, cut
2 bunches legume, cut into 2 cm sized
50 g basil leaves


1 tomato
8 red peppers
4 onions
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp terasi


1. Pour water 3–5 cm on the sur­face of clean rice. Boil until it is rare.
2. Put corn, pump­kin, and sweet potato. Boil it.
3. Then add veg­eta­bles one by one into por­ridge. Cook until it is ripe and thick.
Sam­bal: Grind all ingre­di­ents of sam­bal and add some salt and sugar. Cook in some oil.

Serve it with roasted fish or fried salty fish.

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